A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A game about survival and parenting in an Ice Age. Created in 48 hours by Dana Holdampf, for Ludum Dare 34. Based on the themes "Two Button Controls" and "Growing".

You and your children travel to escape The Cold, though it's always close behind. Gather food and resources while you journey to reach warmer lands. Protect your children until they're old enough to help you hunt and gather. Build fire and tools to help you survive, and stave off The Cold.


  • Left and Right arrows change travel speed:
    • Camp: Stop and rest, if you are tired. Burn fuel to stave off The Cold, if available. Craft a Basket or Spear, if you have the materials.
    • Forage: Travel slowly, while gathering plants. Baskets make this easier.
    • Hunt: Travel steadily, while hunting animals. Spears make this easier.
    • Sprint: Travel swiftly, to outrun The Cold. This is exhausting.


Nomads (Windows) 45 MB
Nomads (OSX) 14 MB
Nomads (Linux) 15 MB


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It was a lovely, but also sad entry for the Ludum Dare 34. It was always hard to make a decision that'd hurt or even kill the children over the time, but sometimes such sacrifices had to be made. I loved the pixel art in it as well. :) So let me congratulate you to the well deserved 35th place in the jam, happily I recommended it on our blog in an article and also uploaded a quick gameplay video. <3

Best wishes,