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A puzzle-platformer about a paper fox in a paper world, made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 31.


  • WASD + Space to move and jump
  • Left-Click and drag to fold
  • Right-Click to unfold
  • [R] to restart level
  • [Esc] to go to menu


Share your levels with us in the linked Google Doc, or in the comments below. Happy folding! 

  • Left-Click to place tile 
  • Right-Click to remove tile
  • [Q] to cycle tile type
  • [P] to set player spawn point
  • [Shift] to edit reverse side
  • [Alt] to edit underside
  • [Number Keys] to set level Par
  • [Tab] to test play 
  • [S] to save 
  • [L] to load
  • [Shift+S] to save level to clipboard as a text string
  • [Shift+L] to load level from clipboard as a text string


Day (Solifuge, @Dahold): Game Design, Graphics, Audio, Puzzles
Marius (MagmaMcFry): Game Design, Programming, Puzzles
Elysée (Vector): Conceptual Design, Puzzles
Jacob (Eerr): Puzzles


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O-Inari Origami (Windows, exe) 22 MB
O-Inari Origami (Cross-Platform, Java) 23 MB

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