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This is really sweet! <3 <3 <3

(A small bug report: it seems like, if the bat travels to the lower-left corner a second time, the "screee" doesn't play and there's no way to leave...)

Tiny bats! The echolocation is really cool

Fun little idea. I was a little disappointed when it ended just as I was starting to get used to it, but you were probably constrained for time. On the plus side, that means you got me wanting more, so you used what you have quite well. Good job with the dialogue, too.

After the first run, where I talked with the other young bat at the end of the night, I tried another one where I didn't even talk to them. Nothing special happened, but then, I suppose in real life we also have the choice to ignore those who are struggling and we often don't even notice.

Thanks for making this! If you ever decide to expand on the idea, I'd definitely check that out.

(PS: hi, it's me. It's been a while so I thought I'd look up what you'd been up to. Looks like pretty cool stuff!)

I know I'm super late to this but this was awesome! You did a great job! Very nice use of the echo theme as well.

aa i can't believe i haven't seen this before now! this is so good!

Love the looks of this and I find it's pretty original. Also the nature theme and the game taking place at night really appeal to me.

Did you make these levels just by using tiles? 

Thank you so much! I've always had a soft spot for bats, thought echolocation was rad, and night usually makes me thoughtful, so that kinda swirled around in my head to make this.

Also yeah, the environments are all tile-based! The trees are made with a handful of rectangles, and the other features are as minimal and reusable as I could make 'em. When echolocating, it sneakily brings you to a duplicate of the map, with filled-in versions of the tiles, and makes the moths a visible color. Some hacks were involved in exiting between maps, but it's mostly vanilla Bitsy!

I get it. Bats are, indeed, pretty awesome and the night makes me thoughtful too.

Cool to hear about how you made the room and to learn about your hacks. I am still very much of a beginner here, so I dont even know what vanilla Bitsy means ( I guess it means basic - without any hacks )

P.S. Have you ever considered changing your username to moonbat? ;>)


Why yes I have considered literally that, yes! (Though the Latin name for Sunspiders translates roughly as "one who flees from the sun," so it still fits. :3)

very neat concept and great execution !

Man, I know it was a simple concept for a thing to do in a Bitsy, but I admit I was kinda proud of the idea. Happy to hear you liked it too!