A short fable, for new years.

Made for AshG, as part of the 2019 Bitsy Secret Santa. Based on the themes Northern Lights, Peaceful, and Advocaat.

Thanks for playing!


  • Move/Interact: Arrow Keys, Swipe (Mobile)



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I'm like so blown away at the art in this...simple yet really effective?? Colors?? Footsteps in the snow?? Amazing. The story is so sweet as well~! ✨

Really delightful. Thank you for this!

Lovely! The snow clearing is very clever.

This is excellent!  Read about it on RPS and played it on my phone! 

I love this!


Thankyou Sunspider. This is great. I love a winter fable. It is perfect. 😊

thought you might. I'm so glad you liked it!